Funny new Adobe Marketing Cloud video highlights tech savvy kids

Funny new Adobe Marketing Cloud video highlights tech savvy kids

We all know that kids are becoming more tech savvy and Adobe highlights this in its humorous new video for Adobe Marketing Cloud, a tool you really should be using if you run a business.

What is Adobe Marketing Cloud?

adobe marketing cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud or AMC for short, is a group of integrated online marketing and web analytics solutions. AMC includes a set of advertising, media optimisation, targeting, analytics, social, content management solutions and web experience management tools that are aimed at the advertising industry. Here's a some information on the various tools included.

Adobe Analytics: Offers real time analytics that can be integrated into third party sources.

Adobe Target: A tool for testing and targeting digital experiences. Includes best practices, robust optimisation tools for following visitors, a self learning algorithmic approach to increase conversions and more.

Adobe Social: A tool for managing social content as well as social campaigns. Helps build stronger connections through data-driven content.

Adobe Experience Manager: Helps to organise, manage and deliver creative assets. Delivers relevant experiences to customers that will build brands and drive demand.

Adobe Media Optmizer:Manages, optimises and forecasts media. Helps manage search engine marketing and social campaigns by providing a consolidated view of how media is performing.

Adobe Campaign: An analytics tool that helps that helps build a personalised experienced based on customers preferences and habits. It can plan, manage and execute campaigns and has an automated way to delivery messages over marketing channels.

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