The coolest looking gaming laptops

The coolest looking gaming laptops
GE60 6

We all know that when it comes to gaming laptops having the right specs so you can get the best performance is key, but what about how your laptop looks? Who wants to play against their friends with a boring looking laptop, and no doubt you’ve paid against the odds for it too.

Well here is a list of the coolest looking laptops and the prices to go with them.

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The MSI GE60 2PC(Apache)-417UK has a sleek design with a red stripe drawing in your eye along the outside. When you open it up you find a keyboard made just for gamers by Steelseries with exclusive keyboard position and golden triangle layout to offer faster and long lasting keyboard action. The keyboard comes with a full colour backlight LED management. Depending on your mood and desires, you can choose from more than 1000 colour combinations and five different scenario modes for the keyboard, enabling you to be the coolest gamer at any LAN party. The MSI GE60 is just £859.97.


The Gigabyte P25X V2-CF4 makes heads turn before you’ve even opened the laptop as it comes with a bright gold case, so there is no way you are going to miss-place where you’ve put it. When you do open the laptop you are met by a premium backlit keyboard and a full HD display. The 1080p full Hd display panel features a light scattering anti-glare layer, diffusing light, eliminating reflections and delivering a sublime gaming experience. The Gigabyte P25X is just £1349.97.

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The MSI GS70 2QE(Stealth Pro)-031UK, now with this laptop you get the best of both worlds. The MSI GS70 2QE comes in a sleek red design and is very thin. Again with this MSI laptop when you open it up you get the very colourful backlit keyboard that you can set to your own design. The MSI GS70 is just £1619.


The Prime Gaming Laptop gives you a total of 26” diagonal screen so takes you right into the action. Unfortunately this is just a concept and a fantastic one at that, 3 screens make the laptop work giving it one massive screen to game off of. As this is only a concept there is no price tag for this laptop.

Dependant on what you want from your gaming laptop may sway your decision, but just remember that sometimes you can get the best of both worlds