It’s Show Time: Get your business noticed on social media

It’s Show Time: Get your business noticed on social media
It’s Show Time- How do get your business noticed on social media

In a world overwhelmed with information it’s hard to be heard over the noise. Social media is now a key element to any marketing campaign, but can be filled with companies shouting for attention. So how can you stand out? Well we think it’s time to pull out the stops and put on a show.

Video is now the most popular form of content within social media and if you’ve got a story to tell, why not show and tell? Videos enable customers to connect with a business on a much more personal level than just reading a status update. With the help of video marketing companies such as Posh Gecko, you can promote your brand and add a little sparkle to your marketing campaign. Think of how many videos you watch through social media channels, and then share with friends and family. With the right concept your video could also go viral. Imagine how it would look against the stream of mundane status updates with your shiny new video intriguing them from their news feed. Nobody likes boring content, so get creative and show customers exactly what your business is about.  Share your story.

Get Graphic

Can you offer advice or interesting facts that will benefit your customers? Creating colourful and informative infographics will add a new dimension to your marketing campaign. You could put a fun spin on your graphics to amuse customers and encourage them to share, or you could have industry advice that benefits everyone?

Graphics can generate more interest than a basic text post. Take for example, those amusing ecards that get shared daily across social platforms. They’re a fantastic example of just how popular entertaining graphics can be. Sharing content in this colourful and engaging way represents your brands personality. Customers don’t want to feel as though they’re interacting with a robot, they want to know your business and know that it cares. It’s not just a product or service that you’re promoting, but you as a company.

So try to be the cool kid on the block and put on a show they’ll remember. And if you want to see just how popular your new status is making you, don’t forget to track your campaign with a service such as Call Tracks.  Monitoring your campaign’s popularity will give you the ideas of what’s working and what’s not. Because once you become popular, you’ll want to stay popular.