KLM helps travellers in need by harnessing the power of Twitter #happytohelp

KLM the Royal Dutch Airlines is proud of its customer service, but you of course have to fly with the company to experience it. Well for one week only the company wanted to give others a taste so they set up a 27/4 #happytohelp control centre where they tracked down travellers who need help, mostly by scanning Twitter via search words. While most problems could be solved over Twitter, others needed more attention. For example they helped some people across the Hudson river in a speed boat, provided a bed for sleeping passengers, and even gave a just married couple a honey moon transfer. Make sure you check out the video above and go here for more heart-warming videos.


More about KLM

In 1919, Albert Plesman, a young aviator lieutenant sponsored the ELTA aviation exhibition in Amsterdam. It was a great success and after it’s closurer several Dutch commercial interests had the intention to establish a Dutch Airline. Plesman was nominated to head the new airline. In September, Queen Wilhelmina awarded the yet to be founded KLM its Royal predicate. A month later, KLM was founded by Plesman, becoming one of the world’s first commercial airlines companies. It’s first flight took place on May 17 1920 with pilot Jerry Shaw who flew from Croydon Airport, London to Amsterdam.

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