How your business can learn from the best

How your business can learn from the best
How your business can learn from the best

Take a moment to think about some of your favourite brands. I can imagine that the ones you’re thinking about are some of the biggest companies in the world.

Apple, Coca Cola, Mini, just to name a few.   

But what makes you love them? Is it their customer service, their cool and quirky ad campaigns, or their aspirational attitude?

Taking some tips from AA Accountants recent blog post about Virgin Airways, we’ve put the principles of these iconic brands in a nutshell - so you too can pave the way at being the best.

Look Around

When was the last time you looked at your competitors? How do you know where you rank in your industry if you can’t even compete?

Researching and taking the time to look at your competition will ensure that your business is offering the best service. From how they promote themselves to their social activity. Every part of your competitors is an element you should be looking at.

Do they have great customer service or is yours better? Learn from their errors and take it one step further.

What’s The Problem

Is there an industry problem that needs solving? If you have the knowledge and expertise, solve it.

Creating an opportunity from an issue is the best way at becoming an industry recognised company. We’re not asking you to re-invent the wheel, but making a change will give you an authority that your customers will respect and appreciate. 

Dress To Impress

If you met your brand in bar would you buy them a drink? Add some personality to your brand because nobody remembers boring.

Take the time to think about your brands attitude and find a way of incorporating that into everything that the company does. From the social media campaign to the voice at the end of the phone, your brand should be the essence of your business and represent you as a company.

Put A Spin On It

Do you seem to always follow the rules and play safe? Well… how about stepping away from convention and setting your own rules? Put a spin on traditional methods to incorporate your brands personality.  With the right attitude, customers will find it refreshing and welcome the change.

Be A Listener

Are you really listening?

Customer Service is the biggest factor for a returning customer. Whether they are giving you feedback on how something should be improved or giving you a thumbs up. Always listen and appreciate your customers.  A simple thank you goes along way. 

Are You Really Helping

What’s the benefit to your customers?

When it comes to the product or service that you provide, are you really helping your customers improve their lives? You may not be a business that provides life support but the smallest of differences can influence customers to trust and use your company.

Customers need to feel as though they’re getting something from you, and not just the product or service you provide. Include your customers in your marketing campaigns or connect with them through social media.

It’s important to show that your customers are just as much a part of your business as you are.