iZettle makes small businesses shine in Britain's greatest shopping street [Video]

iZettle makes small businesses shine in Britain's greatest shopping street [Video]
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Cash is being used less and less in commerce so many small businesses can struggle finding the right solution to accept payments. Some systems are just far too expensive for small businesses to implement, and that's where iZettle comes in. iZettle builds innovative payment services and apps with the mission to make it easier to run a small business. With iZettle you can run your business on a tablet or smartphone and take payments no matter where you are. 12hourstore1

iZettle doesn't just help with setting up payment services, they're also there to help along the way. To highlight how much they care, in October they helped six of Britain's small businesses to open their own flagsip store on Britain's greatest shopping street - for 12 hours each, you can watch the video below to see what happened!

iZettle wanted to remind entrepreneurs that even these global brands that have the ability to trade on Oxford Street, London once started out as small businesses. It's getting much harder to make it, and iZettle can help that dream become a reality.


Tom Hardless, founder of Iam Vibes, said:

"Taking part in iZettle’s 12 Hour Store was a dream come true and I will never forget the 12 hours of magic and fun I had. The 12 Hour Store didn’t just give me a physical space to trade from, it gave me a huge morale boost."

All six small businesses encountered results beyond their expectations. Find out about iZettle.

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