How to stand out at your next conference or trade show

How to stand out at your next conference or trade show
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I’ve been to a few trade shows and conferences in my time, and let me tell you – they can become mind numbingly dull! Everyone’s there, offering the same things, talking to you about the same old stuff, and if you’re lucky, offering out identikit freebies (if any at all!). So, how do you stand out at a trade show? Here are a few things you have bring or do to have everyone remembering your name:

Order branded bags with your company’s name on. People will be wanting a bag to put all the leaflets, flyers and other stuff other companies will be giving away, so why not let it be YOUR brand who they’re representing while carrying it all around? It’s a sure fire way to get yourselves noticed, literally. You can get carrier bags, smart department store style ones or even totes like these.

Got tons of info you want to show to loads of different people, but don’t really fancy printing? There are other really cool ways you can brand up your info and save the trees, all at the same time. If you’re a digital company, it looks really swish to have your stuff printed up onto some branded USB sticks, like these ones.

Why not try and order little branded pots of sweeties? I’ve seen this done really well, and there are a few options here. Either you can look into something like these branded hard boiled sweets, or you can actually get the sweet cups themselves branded up. Why does this work so well? Think about it. If people are finished with their sweets and leave the pot lying around on other people’s tables – I’m not advocating litter here – but that speaks for itself.

On that note. Everyone likes food. Don’t overlook this! I went to a conference recently where people were giving away popcorn. And another where they’d made nice branded cupcakes. It’s literally sometimes the sweetest things which will get the strongest results!

Do a little giveaway. If you’ve got something enticing at your table, more people will come over. People like hampers, they like vouchers, and if you can really afford to splurge, they like free technology! Get their email addresses in a sign up, and you’re good to go. You can even give away something cool like this - personally branded champagne to the winner!

Remember, a little investment now to get your name out there is well worth it. If it generates leads and gets people talking, you’ll more than make that money back in the long run!