With the help of Lumia, Ed will surprise his wife's family on their wedding #MakeItHappen

Wedding's are complicated enough as it is, but Ed, a 28 year-old accountant wanted to do something extra special for his fiancé Mariana and her family. You see Mariana is Spanish and Ed wants to deliver his speech to her in her language, problem is Ed doesn't speak a word of it. The wedding is approaching fast, so Ed submitted his idea to Microsoft Lumia as part of the #MakeItHappen campaign, and they agreed to get it done. With the help of his Lumia, Ed is learning something new, just like 36% of people around the globe are doing for their new years resolution. lumia makeithappen

Check out the video above as he learns Spanish with the help of Microsoft, his Lumia smartphone, Skype and Duolingo all to surprise his wife.

Ed's goal is just one of the 31 resolution that Microsoft Lumia is helping to make a reality. Follow more of these amazing stories and post your own resolution to see if Microsoft Lumia can help #MakeItHappen here and you could win a Microsoft Lumia 830 and FitBit health tracker: http://www.microsoft.com/en/mobile/make-things-happen/

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