4 Office design trends worth considering

4 Office design trends worth considering

Lets face it, most offices are white and dull, this doesn't help motivate employees at all. That's why we've put together this list of design trends that may be worth considering if you're designing or re-designing an office. Some of them can even improve your employees work rate.

1. Make it colourful

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Colourful doesn't have to be over the top and unprofessional. Take this awesome design by ULTIMATE for example. It features a great use of multiple coloured stripes on the carpet and blinds, and with dark desks and the use of glass it still very much looks professional. ULTIMATE can do all of this for you and more. They also offer the same for hotels, education and healthcare. - http://ultimategroup.uk.com

2. Open Spaces

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Of course this isn't always possible, but it is worth doing if you have the space. Cubicles allow employees to focus on work, but open space offices that allow them to move around and change spaces while working allows employees to change things up a bit, this is usually great for motivation.

3. Plants

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It seems like an obvious one, but many employers seem to forget about this one. If you can't redesign your whole office, simply adding a few plants can make it feel like a much nicer place to be.

4. Use Glass

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Instead of boring fake walls, why not use glass instead? It looks much more impressive and makes things look much bigger.


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