Next Google Glass will likely be much different
glass redesign google

Many people think Google Glass is the future, while others really hate it, the first edition of the device has now been discontinued by Google, but what will the next version be like? Nest founder and inventor Tony Fadell is now in charge of Glass, and according to The New York Times several people with knowledge of his plans say that the next version of the wearable will be a redesign from scratch and would not release until completion. One adviser said “There will be no public experimentation. Tony is a product guy and he’s not going to release something until it’s perfect.”

Of course we have no idea how true this really is. It could be very risky to just release a redesigned Glass without any public feedback, fears of privacy and legal issues came about constantly for the first version so we can't see a new version getting an easy ride either. I only hope they look more like real glass.