Netflix shot 'House of Cards' Season 3 in 6K
house of cards 6k SEASON 3

Netflix has begun testing 6K production, starting with season 3 of House of Cards according to the Hollywood Reporter. Season 2 of the show was shot and released in 4K using Red cameras, Season 3 also used Red cameras but this time using Red's 6K Dragon sensors, offering about nine times more pixels than HD. “We mixed the native camera files and uncompressed 6K files … and conformed in [Autodesk’s] Flame, staying as native as possible," said Encore's senior vp operations Morgan Strauss.

While we likely won't see a 6K release of this for a very long time, mainly because you can't even buy anything to see the difference, it's nice to know Netflix is once again future proofing it's original content.