Why the $10,000+ Apple Watch is a smart move
gold apple watch

Yesterday Apple revealed the pricing of the various Apple Watch versions and configurations, you can get one for as cheap as $349/£299, but Apple also has a 18 karat gold and rose gold edition of the smartwatch that starts at an eye watering $10,000. Crazy? No, not at all, and here's why. We know Apple is aiming its smartwatch towards it's usual consumers but they're also trying to entice the fashion lovers. So why not take some business ideas from the fashion industry? You see high end fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen create their main clothing which often costs thousands of dollars a piece, but they also create a secondary line called a 'diffusion line', this line isn't cheap, but it's much more affordable. The super expensive line is what gives the brand it's status, it makes it cool. The diffusion line allows us regular folk to rock the name without the massive price tag while still looking good, and this is exactly why Apple made the $10,000+ watch.

apple watch 2

Well known people and celebrities are bound to purchase the gold Apple Watch, and this will give it that status and cool it needs. More people will want it and the more affordable versions will be there for them to buy. They to can rock an Apple Watch, even if it isn't made of gold.  You see Apple doesn't expect to sell millions of gold versions, it's purely there to push the Apple Watch as a product, to make those who don't read the tech blogs want it.