'Life on trial' blurs the lines between online life and real life

'Life on trial' blurs the lines between online life and real life

This short film called 'Life on Trial' by Tim Hamilton for TSIC (TeliaSonera International Carrier) takes a light-hearted look at what happens when we take our dependance on connectivity to the extreme side of things, something I know I can relate to. We do more and more online that we have done in person for years, from playing games, to finding dates. Hamilton said: "I thought the premise was funny, smart and timely. All of us can relate to the blurring of the lines between online life and real life."

The film is a nice change to the normal ads we get from carriers, it's about grabbing attention and finding something that people will connect with, and they have succeeded.

“Today, people have infinite choice of what they can watch,” said Hamilton. “This is a massive change for advertisers. Instead of broadcasting to a captive audience, they have to earn their attention. Advertising has had to become entertainment. And that makes it a whole lot more interesting industry to work in”.

TeliaSonera International Carrier is an international provider of telecommunication services based in Stockholm, Sweden. It's the second largest carrier in the world. The company has won awards including  "Best Pan-European Wholesale Offering" at the annual Capacity Awards and "Best Wholesale Carrier" at the World Communication Awards. TSIC has also been recognised for Best Customer Care in 2010 and Best New Service for Child Safeguard. Find out more at http://www.teliasonera.com