Pros and Cons of the Internet
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If you look back just twenty years, not as many people had computers in their homes, not as many people had internet and not as many people worked online for a living. As computer technology advanced, so did our use of it. Now you can find people that seem to spend 24/7 online, for both work and pleasure. With the internet came many good things and many bad things. Here are just a few of the pros and cons of the internet--let's start with the bad as to end on a good note.

Cons of the Internet

Because of all the banking and shopping people do online now, more issues have opened up for identity theft, credit card fraud and more. Each time you shop online you take a risk. However, even shopping in the store with a credit or debit card is a risk these days since all of the point of sale systems are internet run. You need to know how to protect yourself from things like credit card fraud, by making sure you purchase online from secure servers and check your bank account often for strange charges.

Another huge negative of the internet is the case of viruses. It doesn't matter what web browser you use, you are prone to viruses if you spend any amount of time online. You are especially risky if you download things very often. You could download trojan viruses, adware or even malware that could harm your computer. That's why it is important to have virus protection on your computer and to run a check every once in a while to make sure you aren't infected.

Pros of the Internet

While use of the internet can pose some problems, like the ones above, it has also done a lot of great things, too. With super fast internet connections like those you can get through AT&T U-verse service, you can not only enjoy the connection of social media and blogging, you can also watch TV online and even hold a career.

If you work online you know that it can open up a whole new world, including the chance to work from home. But you also know the importance of having firewalls up and checking for adware and malware often.

The internet has made it possible for people all over the world to keep in touch, and even see each other. Using things like Google Hangout and Skype have made it possible to talk to people with video chat and phone calls so that you can feel like you are right there. This is great for personal things and even for businesses.

You want to pick your internet packages by what you plan to do with your internet. You also want to pick your computer by this. The more you need to do with it the better quality you want and the better and faster internet service you'll want to look for. This can make cost a con too!