Your Spotify will soon have videos and podcasts

Spotify has been all about music, until now. In New York City today, the company announced that it wants to find the perfect content to accompany every moment of your day. CEO Daniel Ek said Spotify is taking a "massive leap forward" that "goes beyond the conventional formats." He then showed off a new version of Spotify that has playlists tailored for a listener's day including a running mode where music changes tempo depending how fast you run and podcasts and videos from partners such as Vice News and Comedy Central. Spotify clearly wants to be an entertainment hub rather than a music hub. Spotify's full partners will include ABC, Adult Swim, BBC, Comedy Central, E!, ESPN, Fusion, Maker Studios, MTV, NBC, RadioLab, Slate, TED, TWiT, Vice News, and WNYC

This is a great move from Spotify as it makes them more unique from it's current competitors such as Rdio, Jay'z Tidal music service and Apple's upcoming streaming app based on Beats Music. Spotify knows it has to be different and this looks like a move in the right direction.