Ant-Man may include Spider-Man references

Ant-Man, the next movie in Marvel's Cinematic Universe may include references to Spider-Man according to an article by Latino-Review. The article goes on to say that they've heard unconfirmed rumours that there is "lots of" talk of and references to Spider-Man and OsCorp in the current version of Ant-Man.

It's hard to tell how true this is, but it is highly likely considering Marvel's past movies which make tons of references to other characters, and the fact that Spider-Man and Ant-Man have teamed up in the comic books.

Ant-Man is due for release on July 17 in North America and the UK. It's being directed by Peyton Reed and stars Ant-Man, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas, Corey Stroll, Bobby Cannavale and Michael Pena.