Branding your offline and online space accordingly

Branding your offline and online space accordingly

These days, is seems like almost everything in business is online. Whether it’s the marketing team, the customer services department, or anything else, it seems that people are aware of your online persona in many ways more than your physical presence. This is particularly true of companies offering a service rather than material goods – when people are researching you in the hopes of becoming your client, they find your website before anything else. Sure, you’ve got Google sorted, and people can find you – hooray! You’re actually also pretty good at what you do, that’s a given, right? But your overall ethos and online mantra should match what people see in the flesh, and the personalities of your staff. It’s actually a misconception that everything is online, because you, the employees, have to exist in the real life world.

No matter what it is that you do, you’re likely to have competitors. It’s almost a given. How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

It’s All About Branding

Your branding should be consistent throughout, at every level. The messages you put across should reflect who you are, and what it is you do, leaving no room for confusion. From the smallest social media post, to the longest article, everything should be indicative of the type of company you are. Professional, but with a personality.

It makes sense then, doesn’t it, that your office space should match, too. Nobody wants a teeny tiny little cubicle anymore, where your employees spend their days with their souls silently being sucked away.

Take Google, as an example. Seen the movie ‘The Internship’? Bet you were jealous of where they worked, right? That wasn’t just for Hollywood. In real life, the Google office space is ridiculously cool, matching their message that they are forward thinkers at the top of their game, and ahead of the game. You can nap at work. Take the slide instead of the stairs. You can eat anything you want – for free!

How Does This Actually Help Your Business?

So, to a lot of people, these things might seem like unnecessary, added expenses, and sure, to people who don’t quite have a multinational corporation’s budget, they actually kind of are.

But making an office space more personal is a selling point, and a unique one at that. It shows creativity, passion and highlights that the employees actually want to be there, and they don’t just have to. In essence, it’s marketable, and you can show it off online to attract new business.

Of course nobody will sign a contract with you based solely on where you work. However, if you’ve the same amount of expertise as a competitor, surely they’d rather work with the fun people, rather than the robots? A branded office brings spark to a room, and leads a lasting impression. Marketers know branding is everything, and this needs to incorporate every aspect of what you do.

What Can You Do?

Small companies can jump on board, just as easily. You just need to be creative and put a little bit of heart into your interior design. Can’t do a lot with what you’ve got? Well… move! Moving offices doesn’t have to be a nightmare, and in fact, this could be the change you need.

Just think about a place that you and your employees would truly like to spend their working days, and then imagine that your clients might, too. Then you’re onto a winner!