Apple unveiled a new updated 5K 27-inch iMac and 4K 21.5 iMac yesterday, as well as a bunch of new accessories including the Magic Mouse 2. YouTuber DetroitBORG  managed to pick up the new Bluetooth mouse on day one, and he's giving it a great unboxing and review which you watch below.

So what's different with the Magic Mouse 2? It now features a built-in rechargeable battery rather than relying on AA batteries. It charges via a Lighting cable that's included in the box, the same one used on iPhones and iPads. While the charging slot may seem like a strange decision, the Magic Mouse 2 can last 9 hours on a 2 minute charge so you won't be waiting long. In terms of design it's pretty much the same expect it's a little longer, lacks a battery door and LED indicator on the bottom.

Magic Mouse is available now for $79/£65. While slightly more expensive than the previous version, you do get a lot more for your buck. Magic Mouse 2 also comes standard with every new iMac.

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