YouTuber DetroitBORG has managed to pick up Apple's new Magic Keyboard on day one, and he's uploaded an unboxing and review you need to check out.

So what's new? Well the new Magic Keyboard now comes with a built-in battery just like the new Magic Mouse 2 so you won't need to use any AA batteries. It's charged using a lightning cable which comes included in the box. A full charge will last about a month so this thing running flat will be a rare occurrence. 

With the Magic Mouse 2 Apple stuck mostly to the same design as the last generation, however with the new Magic Keyboard Apple has introduced a sleeker wedge-like design. Due to the lack of a battery compartment it's also smaller, but doesn't reduce the key size, they're actually a little larger. The keys themselves have an improved scissor mechanism that allows for increased stability when typing as well as optimised key travel and a lower profile. Apple says this provides a "remarkably comfortable and precise typing experience".

The new Magic Keyboard is available now for $99/£79. It also comes standard with the new 5K 27-inch iMac and 21.5-inch 4K iMac.

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