5 reasons why young people are avoiding phone contracts

Post Sponsored by The 7th Chamber however opinions are that of the author.

Post Sponsored by The 7th Chamber however opinions are that of the author.

Contracts are a fast way to get that phone you want right away, however you end up paying through the nose and less and less people want to do that these days. Here are the 5 reasons why 16-24 year olds currently using the non-contract network giffgaff don't want to be on contact any more.

1. Being locked in for too long (68%)

2. Paying more than what they originally signed up for (32%)

3. Too much commitment (31%)

4. A waste of money (28%)

5. Mobile use changes so quickly (20%)

74% of 16-24 year olds have previously had a phone contact and many of them really are looking for alternative ways to get what they want. That's where companies like giffgaff come in who offer totally free SIM cards with excellent deals that contracts just won't be able to beat. For example you can get 2,000 UK minutes, Unlimited texts, 6GB of 4G speed data in the UK and free to giffgaff calling and texts for just £18 a month. Need less than that? They offer even cheaper deals.

Mike Fairman, giffgaff’s CEO commented on the companies recent campaign: “Our campaign is designed to remind everyone that contracts are not the only way. We’ve been voted the UK’s best mobile network by Which? for the last two years – which speaks volumes about our no contract approach."

Our members tell us that giffgaff doesn’t make them feel tied down like a contract does, so we’ve brought that to life in the latest campaign.”

You can check out some of amusingly random videos from giffgaff's #heyyou campaign below.

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