People's normal fears brought to life in this short Halloween film

People's normal fears brought to life in this short Halloween film

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In this short horror film by the team over at giffgaff, we see their customers biggest fears come to life.

Those five fears are;

1. Politicians. (Would anyone argue with that one?)

2. Social media games/requests/tagging. (Why won't they stop?!)

3. Socks and sandals. (The worst fashion mistake you can ever make. Period.)

4. Voicemails from your mother. (What have I done wrong now?!)

5. Phone battery dying. (What will I do if I can't tweet about the delicious donut I'm eating!)

6. Phone contracts. (A network like giffgaff could save me the hassle and allow me to buy more of those delicious donuts!)

The short was Directed by the award-winning Ninian Doff who  is known for great short films such as Cool unicorn Bruv and Wizard Cats, plus music videos for bands such as The Chemical Brothers and Kasabian. The entire thing was shot in a derelict Grade II listed mansion within the grounds of Beckenham Place Park.

On the project Doff said: “I don’t know why I hate and fear checking my voicemail, but I really do get stressed out when I see that alert coming up! This is what I loved when I read the list of giffgaff member fears - it’s really amusing, and relatable, to see the strange fears we’ve developed of supposedly normal and dull things in modern life. 

Then it was really funny to film these “un-scary” things with the same drama and tension you would film a scene with a knife wielding maniac or a blood-thirsty zombie.” 

What is one of your 'normal' fears? Let us know with a comment below and be sure to check out giffgaff's other awesome videos.

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