Smart City App Hack and FIWARE have joined forces to launch the SCAH-FIWARE Online Competition, a fantastic opportunity that asks developers, entrepreneurs, urban activists and anyone else who wants to make a difference to present their game changing web or mobile apps using FIWARE to address any of the five smart challenges identified by SCAH to help improve citizens quality of life. These are energy, mobility, collaboration, tourism and shopping. Those that show off the best apps will have the chance to win at least 10k in prizes plus eyes on you with visibility during Smart City Expo World Congress 2015, with more than 400 cities participating, and App presentation during the Mobile World Congress 2016.

Interested? You have until 15th of October so head over here for more information.

What is FIWARE and Smart City App Hack?

FIWARE provides a powerful yet simple set of APIs that make the development of Smart apps much easier in multiple vertical sectors. The specs of said APIs are both public and royalty-free so you really have nothing to lose. Plus the open source reference implementation of each of the FIWARE components is publicity available so that multiple FIWARE providers can come into the market faster with a low-cost proposition.

Smart City App Hack is an initiative actively engage the public to become effective members of the civic innovation process with the world's leading Smart Cities. Smart City App Hack is focusing its efforts in fostering the creation of new innovative services and solutions to improve the quality of life in urban areas.

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