Why Asian Handicap betting is becoming more popular

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If you're into betting you may have heard of Asian Handicap betting, but if you haven't you really should continue reading.

Asian Handicap betting is one of the fastest growing forms of sport wagering right now, and it's easy to see why. It provides you with more choice and flexibility in your betting, plus there are fewer ways to lose your money. Sounds great so far? It gets better.

The real value in trying Asian Handicap markets is that the odds tend to be fairly tight between opposing teams due to the way handicaps are framed. In the example above Arsenal are conceding two goals to Stoke and are available to back at 2.36. Stoke have been priced at 1.66 with a two goal start.

There is simply no handicap draw option, and that's why this is a much smarter way of better. In traditional handicap betting, if Arsenal win by two goals, it will be a handicap draw and stakes on both teams will be lost. on the Asians though, this 'draw' is referred to as a "push" and stakes are returned to players when it happens

A £50 bet Arsenal -2 on the Euro Handicap would result in a loss while a £50 wager on the same bet on the Asian Handicap would see the stake returned in the event of a two goal Arsenal win. Read more about Asian Handicap betting over 188 Bet including Double Handicaps.

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