Details of a Gears of War remaster have leaked


A Russian promotional website for Gears of War briefly updated today with information about a remastered edition of Gears of War for Xbox One. 

The leak says that the remaster will run at 60FPS and contain the 90 minutes of content previously available in original Gears of War release for Windows. The site also said that features in Gears of War 3 such as marking enemies will be in the remastered version. 

Early this year it was rumoured that The Coalition (previously Black Tusk Studios) was developed a Gesrs of War remaster following Microsoft's acquisition of the franchises developer, Epic Games. 

The current head of The Coalition downplayed rumours of a Gears of War collection but said the company was working on "other exciting Gears projects," with more details to come at E3. 

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