6 apps you probably haven’t heard of, but definitely want to download

1. Wakie: When you’d like a stranger to get you out of bed

Traditional alarm clock got you down? Can you no longer stand to listen to random loud beeping, or a morning disc jockey offering an anecdote or traffic report? Would you prefer a perfect stranger phone you up, and start your day off right? Wakie is a “social alarm clock,” which is essentially groups of people who exchange the responsibility of waking one another up.

Anyone who needs to be woken up will set an alarm within the app. The alarm is a phone call from someone in the Wakie community. If no one is available to call you, a Wakie robot will call you and wish you a happy day.

2. RunPee: Movie theater movies don’t have pause buttons 

RunPee is attempting to establish a record of every movie, so that people can go to the washrooms without missing crucial plot twists and exciting moments. When the movie begins, you simply switch on the timer, and when you have to use the bathroom, you notify the application. An overview of what happened while you were in the bathroom will be available to you, so you don’t return to your seat wondering what you missed.

3. BroApp: Because romance is hard

Do you love someone, but can’t find the time to send romantic texts? Why not schedule the texts to be sent throughout the week or month? BroApp automatically sends auto or self-written scheduled text messages to your significant other or other loved ones you believe could benefit from random sentimentality.

You simply provide the recipient’s phone number, type the message to be sent, and schedule a date and time for delivery. It’s simple, easy, and either incredibly romantic or totally awful depending on how you look at it. In every respect, it is a love letter in 100 characters, even if it’s being used to get away with cheating.

4. Pikkup: Now you always have a friend with a truck

Moving isn’t easy, nor is packing, lugging, and loading. Pikkup was designed to make moving simpler by connecting people who need moving services with insured movers. Similar to Uber, Pikkup is an on-demand service of background checked truck drivers Unlike Uber, Pikkup drivers don’t want to taxi you; they want to load your stuff and take it somewhere, so you can move virtually anything at any time.

Imagine the applications this service has. You can use it to move from home to home, pickup second-hand furniture and goods, remove unwanted items from your home whilst spring cleaning. Pikkup is the friend with a truck you always needed.

5. Honey it’s me: Like the movie “Her,” only creepier

Do you want to be in love, but not have to take any of the steps needed to actually meet someone to fall in love with? If so, you’re the perfect person to download Honey, it’s me. This app provides lonely mobile phone owners’ three daily video calls and 100 recorded messages from a virtual digital girlfriend. This application was developed to soothe the lonely men, and creep out normal women.

6. Melon Meter: watermelons are delicious, except for when they’re rotten

This application detects whether a watermelon fruit is ripe or not. Using the mouthpiece, you knock on the fruit. The phone analyzes the decay rate using sound. Melon Meter cannot say definitively if a watermelon will be sweet or not sweet, but it is better at determining ripeness than guessing.

Overall, there are many strangely useful applications, and more are sure to develop. Here’s to a future filled with conveniences, and never having to hold it in a movie theater again.