Apple Music: What you need to know

The long rumoured music streaming service from Apple has finally been announced. Going by the name Apple Music, the service is a direct competition to services like Spotify, Google Play Music and Tidal.

The service will be launching on June 30 on iOS, OS X, and Windows for $9.99 a month after a 3-month trial. Families up to 6 will be able to share an account for $14.99. To the surprise of many Apple Music will also be coming to Android later in the fall.


So what makes Apple Music different? Firstly the service will provide recommendations on the homepage that our not only based on what you listen to but curated by real music experts at Apple. All playlists will be at least partially created by people and organised into genres. The app will ask you your tastes when you first sign up and will be able to access your iTunes purchases to provide better suggestions.

Apple is also launching a 24/7 live global radio station in Apple Music called Beats 1 that will be broadcast from London, California and New York. The station will play music, air interviews and be hosted by people such as Zane Lowe.

A feature called Connect will launch with the service that allows artists to directly interact with fans. Artists will be able to use Connect to post updates about what they're doing, and even share those out to Facebook and Twitter. Musicians will have the ability to update fans about recent work with photos, songs and videos.

Should Spotify be worried? We shall see, but at $9.99 with a 3-month trial and already coming pre-installed on millions of devices we think they should be.

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