Apple announces OS X El Capitan

Apple has announced OS X 10.11 El Capitan at WWDC today, the next version of operating system for its Mac computers. The update is a focus on experience and performance.


Safari will now let you drag tags to the left to pin sites for easy access. When you click on a link from a pinned site it will open a new tab. In Safari you'll also be able to mute or find audio that's palying in a tab, this is displayed by a speaker icon in the address bar.


Spotlight search has been improved with the ability to respond to your queries in natural language. Asking things such as "photos from June" would give you just that. It can now also look up game scores, weather and stocks.

Window Management 

Windows can now be snapped and put into a split view, much like Windows 10.


Apple says apps can now launch 1.4 times faster on El Capitan and PDF files open up to four times faster in preview.

More about OS X El Capitan can be found on Apple's website.

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