At the weekend I went to see Ant-Man and I loved it. It shouldn't have worked but it did in almost every aspect. One of my favourite parts was a fight scene featuring Thomas the Tank Engine, and it turns out Marvel had to stick to some strict rules to be allowed to use the character. Minor spoilers ahead.

During the finale of the film, Ant-Man and Yellow Jacket fight in a little girl's bedroom, and many of the shots include Thomas the Tank.

“I believe in Edgar [Wright] and Joe Cornish’s original drafts it was a train set,” Peyton Reed said. “At some point in the process that predated my involvement it became Thomas. As I came on, they had not secured the rights to Thomas. We had to do this whole thing where we did this presentation for the people who own the rights to Thomas. Thank God they agreed and found it funny, but there were definite stipulations. For example, nobody could be tied to the tracks and run over by Thomas. Thomas couldn’t be doing anything that could be perceived by children as evil Thomas. Thomas had to stay neutral in the battle, which was always our intention. Like anybody, they’re protective of their brand. I didn’t know what we were going to do if we didn’t get the rights to that. There are certain things I was going to be devastated about if we couldn’t have them. Thomas was one, because… you could do any kind of toy train, but the personality of that thing and the eyes moving back and forth give it a whole vibe and took it to another level.”

Reed also said he would have been upset if Marvel couldn't have secured the rights for The Cure's Disintegration in my opinion one of the most awesome and unique scenes in the movie.

Ant-Man is now in cinemas.


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