Ant-Man is Marvel Studios' most risky bet yet, he's a character that often splits opinion, people either love him or hate him, and most non-comic book readers hadn't heard about him until this very movie was announced. How it does financially is completely unknown, however early reviews indicate while the film is not groundbreaking it's looking like a fun addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Below we've included some of the early reviews.

Ant-Man may have been the Marvel movie that was seemingly made because it was already promised seven years ago when the Marvel Cinematic Universe looked much different, but its relative come down in size and purpose represents something of a breath of fresh air in today’s context. It is an important film in the sense that it shows how Marvel can diversify not just in terms of different superheroes and different genres, but also in terms of scale. Ant-Man is their smallest film yet, and I mean that as a compliment. - Scott Mendelson at Forbes

For a film forged under difficult circumstances, Ant-Man emerges fairly unscathed. Free of the bloated running time we've come to expect from summer movies, it's a hugely entertaining superhero comedy that's a refreshing break from Marvel formula.Simon Reynolds at Digital Spy

The Ant-Man we get may be a little more straightforward, and a lesser entry in the Marvel series, but it's hardly microscopic...It plays more like a traditional comedy, and the sequences of buzzing around with enormous ants, or taking a daring visit to the quantum microverse, are just the right side of ridiculous. - Jordan Hoffman at Popular Mechanics

In the last seven years, Marvel Studios has managed to make some of the most spectacular blockbusters we’ve ever seen, and a couple clunkers. Ant-Man is neither of these things. It’s a better than average caper with some really great performances and unique style that also further expands on the breadth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Accept that, and you’ll enjoy yourself just fine. - Eric Eisenberg at Cinema Blend

Ant-Man is more good than great, and while that’s disappointing when compared to some of the better Marvel Studios flicks, it could have been a lot worse and that in itself is a small miracle. - Edward Douglas at

Having an actor of Douglas' caliber on board lends the film some gravitas to balance the humor, but it's the comedy that prevails in a project that is, in a historical sense, integral to the Marvel map of the world but also seems rather on the margins of it. - Todd McCarthy at The Hollywood Reporter

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