Android M is officially Marshmallow

Android M is officially Marshmallow

Google has today revealed that what the M in its Android M stands for. Android Marshmallow is the name of the upcoming release and it will be the 6th version of the OS.

Google has also released it's final finished version of its Android 6.0 SDK and a third and final Marshmallow software preview that can be installed on Nexus devices.

 "The preview images are near final but they are not intended for consumer use. Remember that when Android 6.0 Marshmallow launches to the public later this fall, you'll need to manually re-flash your device to a factory image to continue to receive consumer OTA updates for your Nexus device." the company said in a blog post.

Android Marshmallow gives users much deeper control over app permissions and includes Google's new Android Pay, USB Type-C support as well as many imporvements to the OS.

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