Love bacon? The Serious Bacon Club may be the thing for you!

If you eat meat you probably love bacon. It's crispy fatty and salty goodness is just perfect on the taste buds, but some people love it much more than us regular folk.

The Serious Bacon Club from Danepak celebrates these people and they've created a launch film that you're going to love. Produced in house by isobel and directed by Rob Fletcher, the film features bacon addicted individuals showing love for Denmark's favourite food.

On the film Head of Content at isobel, John Hobson, said:  “Early on we knew the creative idea was strong enough to be expressed in different ways on different platforms. The Serious Bacon Club provides our long-term consumer relationship and we will hear lots more from Morten in the future."

10 serious reasons why we love bacon:

1 It cures hangovers! It contains amino acids that can help clear your head. Seriously? Seriously.

2 It’s the food that often breaks vegetarians. (it should come with a ‘seriously dangerous’ warning for veggies)

3 Shakespeare - the ‘bard of bacon’! In Henry IV Pt 1 Falstaff shouts “On bacons on!” One seriously ‘hammy' performance

4 It makes us happy. As a food it’s been identified as a mood elevator. Not so serious...

5 Katy Perry once said that she’d like to wear a bacon bikini! Seriously weird!

6 The bacon butty was recently voted the UK’ most popular snack. That’s one serious snack

7 Francis Bacon’s triptych of his lover George Dyer sold in 2014 for £26.7 million. Now that’s some seriously expensive bacon!

8 We eat 227,000 tonnes of bacon a year in the UK. That’s a serious amount

9 43% of Canadians prefer bacon to sex! We’re not joking, we’re totally serious

10 Kevin Bacon. Because he’s seriously cool…

Bacon lover? Check out the launch film below and make sure to head over to the Serious Bacon Club now.

The Serious Bacon Club

Join us today at the Serious Bacon Club! It’s time to start taking your bacon seriously…

Posted by Serious Bacon Club on Wednesday, 19 August 2015
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